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Our fully trained technicians provide sophisticated, professional, and highly technical auto body repair services.


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Our technicians all have specialties as well. Some are Honda and Acura experts, others Ford or Mopar, and yet others know Subaru, Nissan, Saab, Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, and GM. Some of our technicians have specialized training in air conditioning, brakes, suspension, alignment, and engine performance 

There is no better gift you can give to yourself, or your car than that of a proper service. We perform all vehicle services including: Minor and major services Full diagnostics Testing of the brakes for performance issues Clutch and gearbox repair Suspension testing Sophisticated engine tests Tyres and exhausts Optical repairs.



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Our fully trained technicians provide sophisticated, professional, and highly technical auto body repair services. We use PPG’s Deltron Paint Mixing and Refinishing System.

Your vehicle’s paint is often the first thing people notice especially if the finish is chipped, scratched, or damaged. Bayonne Auto Tech is equipped to the latest computerized paint-matching technology, the industry’s top talent, and the very best products to restore your paint job’s original look and feel.

A car tune-up is a type of preventive maintenance performed on a vehicle to ensure it continues to perform well.

A Rebuilt Transmission Some components will be replaced as part of this process: new gaskets, steel clutch plates, seals, friction clutches, filter, and bands. The term “rebuilt” is used in a shop setting where the customer’s transmission is removed from the car, rebuilt and then reinstalled.

We will inspect the tires and according to the damage assessment the respective arrangement will be recommended

Roadside assistance and breakdown coverage are services that assist customers whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure that leaves the operator stranded.

During an oil change, we will replace your engine’s old oil with new oil and replace the oil filter.  At the end of every lubeoil and filter change, our staff will have ensured that your engine oil is clean and the working parts of your engine are properly lubricated.

Take care of your engine, and your car has a better chance of lasting for the long haul. If you stay on top of your engine maintenance and tend to any engine repairs immediately, your car or truck will last longer. With something as important as car engine repair, trust the experts at Bayonne auto tech Complete Auto Care. For nearly a century, our skilled technicians have been servicing automotive engines. You’ll get no greater service or advice than from a Bayonne auto technician.

A state certified emissions repair facility is a privately owned motor vehicle repair facility, licensed to repair emissions-related failures.

A healthy and well maintained exhaust and electric system is crucial to divert harmful gases away from the engine and the vehicle passengers. Find out how it works.

You may think car diagnostic tests are only necessary when you have problems with your vehicle, but before they require expensive repairs, and auto technicians alike has been the computerization of the car’s components.

Want to know how much a car clutch inspection, repair or replacement costs? We explain how a clutch works, the most common issues and how much a clutch repair costs.

Dual-circuit braking system Modern cars have brakes on all four wheels, operated by a hydraulic system . The brakes may be disc type or drum type. The front brakes play a greater part in stopping the car than the rear ones, because braking throws the car weight forward on to the front wheels.

Automotive electricians are specially trained to work with the electrical systems also Employers of automotive electricians include mechanic and repair expertise.

Check the inspection sticker on your windshield to find the date your vehicle is due. You may get an inspection up to two months prior to the expiration date. Let us know so we can help. 

A 2-wheel alignment is also known as a front-end alignment. As suggested . Your car will typically require a 4wheel alignment if it’s an all-wheel-drive model with independent suspensions, Wheel Alignment and Balancing.